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Luxury lingerie

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Diamonds have always been a girl's best friend, but now apparently they're here to "support" you as well.

Lingerie gurus (Victoria's secret limited) keep startling us with super sexy lingerie and maximum support bras but now, they've taken it to the next level. The famous third generation Italian jewelry house "Damiani" has put 800 hours of work in this bra and so exclusively designed the ultimate fantasy bra. The bra is hand-set with over 2,350 brilliant cut white, champagne and cognac colored diamonds. Accentuated with a rare 16-carat, heart-shaped, champagne diamond pendant makes the "Very sexy Plunge Multi-way Bra" this year's most expensive bra one can buy. Total diamond weight is 150 ct. therefore setting the price at 3M dollars ($3,000,000 – yes 6 zeroes!). VS once again have taken the word "eye-candy" to another level where the 3M dollar bra will be worn by VS angel Marisa Miller in the fashion show.

You'd think this is the most expensive bra VS have made but no, in fact this bra is the most modest fantasy bra worn in comparison with the earlier fashion shows so far. It has one tenth the total carats of last year’s Black Diamond, less than a third of the total diamonds of the 2007 Very Sexy Holiday, and costs one fourth of the 2005 Sexy Splendor, according to The Wall Street Journal. Back in 2005 VS produced a 12.5M dollar bra worn by Gisele Bundchen featuring a delicate floral design rendered in 18-karat white gold with over 2,900 pave-set diamonds and 22 ruby gemstones with a focal 101 ct flawless pear-shaped diamond.

After the negative feedback they have received about the bra being too expensive, the following year they took it down a notch. With celebrity jeweller Martin Katz the 2008 fantasy bra featured 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified 1-carat round diamonds and 34 rubies, with a pièce de résistance of two lavish black diamond drops totalling 100 carats. The bra has 3,900 stunning gems with a total carat weight of 1500 ct. and worn by gorgeous Adriana Lima, make the price of 5M dollars sound cheap! Of course the fantasy bra isn’t practical but it sure is more than just a bra. It can be worn in 5 different ways: strapless, halter, cross back, one-strap or classic. Back in 2003 Heidi Klum broke the 8M dollar VS fantasy bra she wore on the Jay Leno Tonight Show set.

The German supermodel walked on wearing the diamond studded bra and matching $3 million panties under her clothes as she was going to strip off later in the show. However, halfway through her interview, she suddenly looked shocked and announced, "I think my bra has broken." Jay and Heidi's fellow guest, comedian Martin Short, both offered their jackets to cover the model up while she tried to fix the bra but the program was forced to cut to an ad break while the problem was solved. Eventually, once Heidi was strapped back into the bra with sticky tape, she was able to perform the striptease. So guys who are reading this, Christmas is just around the corner and the Harlequin fantasy bra is just a couple of clicks away , you do the math.

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