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Aquarius 2010 Horoscope

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Aquarius 2010: Love & Relationships horoscope

Mars' retrogradation cycle will strongly stimulate Aquarius' house of couples until June 20th. As Mars symbolizes passion, lust and the conquering spirit, it can easily draw you into a passionate affair that will permanently keep you over stimulated.

A common initiative or the couple's struggle for a goal can be another manifestation. But one shouldn't neglect the warlike nature of Mars that, if not caught in an exciting action, can cause irritation, fights or break-ups. In the same environment can occur aggressiveness or jealousy fits.

The second half of June, July and the first decade of August 2010 will be favorable to the couple, to meeting an interesting person and starting a new relationship.

Aquarius 2010: Home & Family horoscope

Except for the fact that up to the beginning of June 2010 the Martian turbulences can reflect on the domestic harmony as well, there won't be any special events.

Maybe just an emphasis on the relationships with siblings and/or neighbors and the tendency to neglect the family and house in a way, in favor of professional interests.

Aquarius 2010: Money & Career horoscope

Mars' retrogradation cycle will bring under the spotlight the association and collaboration relationships.

Thus, the first five months of the year 2010 will encourage the appearance of new contracts or of team projects. But it's as possible that you'll have to face aggressive competition, rivalry and conflicts.

The good news is that in 2010 the financial constraints that have been bothering you in the last two years will dissolve, and what's more, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction can cause the occurrence of some unexpected sums or of some new and unusual ways of earning money.

Although stressful, the months July and August 2010 will be interesting months for the intellectual activities, learning and communication.

The period September-December 2010 will bring again to attention collaborations, studies and professional trainings.

Aquarius 2010: Health horoscope

You'll have vigor, the physical resistance will be good and it's unlikely for any disease to appear in 2010.

Beware, though, in the first part of the year! Mars' opposition to the Sun will raise the exposure to accidents and injuries because of speed or imprudence.

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