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Cancer 2010 Horoscope

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Cancer 2010: Love & Relationships horoscope

The square between Pluto and Saturn can cause you troubles in the first quarter of 2010 and later, in August 2010. Maybe you have expectations that are a little too difficult to meet?...

The year 2010 will be sort of special. The transit of the North Node through Cancer's house of couples will open an energetic channel, facilitating the evolution of the relationship or the meeting of a significant person for your destiny. Besides, Venus' retrogradation cycle will influence your house of free love and eroticism, with strong impact in September and October 2010, two months with huge passion potential.

December 2010 will also be a very intensely emotional month, but be careful, because it will imply a high risk of turbulences!

Cancer 2010: Home & Family horoscope

In 2010, Saturn in Cancer's fourth house will bring along an increase in responsibilities.

You'll be required to make an extra effort, doubled by patience and seriousness, aimed maybe at taking care of a parent with problems, at building/redecorating a house, at administering/managing some land or houses with a complicated situation etc.

The wish for anchorage, founding, laying solid bases for a locative or family situation is another possible consequence of the transit.

Cancer 2010: Money & Career horoscope

Overflowing with energy and boldness, ready to take risks and cross new barriers, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will focus on your career, status, reputation. Time has come for you to do what pleases you, to venture higher, to follow your dreams.

The initiative will probably have extensions into culture, studies, specializations or it will be related to trips or long-distance collaborations.

Get something new for yourself! If you don't change your objectives willingly, the passing of the South Lunar Node over the native Sun can impose the change on you. Afterwards, you'll realize that it was for the better.

Financially, the first part of 2010 will be very active, with the possibility of high earnings, but also extra expenses or money troubles.

Cancer 2010: Health horoscope

If the transit of the South Node eventually has good consequences for your career in 2010, one cannot say this is very good for health.

There'll be a predisposition for restlessness, unexpected fits or accidents. Take good care of yourself, especially if you were born in June!

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