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Gemini 2010 Horoscope

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Gemini 2010: Love & Relationships horoscope

The year 2010 promises a dynamic relational life, rich in novelty and surprises.

Jupiter, the ruler of Gemini's couples, leaves the romantic and inefficient Neptune behind and joins the impetuous and eccentric Uranus. It's time you tried something new, adopted a fresher or more modern vision in the couple, learnt to respect the other's independence or to fight for the share of freedom you're entitled to.

There will be challenges that won't be overcome unless you show flexibility and open-mindedness. If it's rigid, full of and affected by old issues, the relationship could break up.

New and extremely exciting relationships can appear unexpectedly, but everything that will be built under such circumstances will have little chances to last.

Gemini 2010: Home & Family horoscope

The home or properties-related problems will come back to attention in April-July 2010, especially in June-July, when they will take an acute and stressful shape.

Saturn's coming back to Gemini's fourth house could mean the existence of an effort to structure/restructure or finalize some older initiatives.

The relationships with parents and their health will require attention.

Gemini 2010: Money & Career horoscope

The area of career/projects will be crossed in 2010 by a wave of energy, initiative, courage and need for expansion. Be ready to take action, keep your options open and prepare back-up plans.

It is to be expected that events will catch you by surprise repeatedly, and the initial plan will suddenly become inoperative. In such situations, you'll get help from your ingenuity and power to adapt, but don't rely on improvisations and keep a plan B or a set of useful tricks at hand!

In the second part of 2010, Venus' cycle of retrogradation will insist on creativity, collaborations and social relations useful for the career.

Financially, you can have important benefits, but things will advance slowly in the first quarter and will become risky in June-August 2010.

Gemini 2010: Health horoscope

Your health can raise problems in the first two months and a half of 2010, under the retrogradation of Mars, the ruler of Gemini's house of health.

The same for the autumn of 2010, under another complex transit of Mars, which is accompanied by retrograde Venus.

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