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Leo 2010 Horoscope

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Leo 2010: Love & Relationships horoscope

Mars' retrogradation cycle, started last autumn, will keep stirring your adrenaline until the beginning of June 2010. The tumultuous sexual energy, the live emotions and competitive style will turn you towards conquering, adventure and burning love ... or even instantaneous!

You'll have acute desires that ask for immediate fulfillment, disregarding the risks. Mars can take you on the hottest passion ever, but it can get you in big trouble as well. In the absence of an adoration object to catch your attention, you'll tend to behave aggressively and in a quarrelsome manner, which can affect a good, but no longer very exciting relationship.

The rest of the year 2010 will be less intense and agitated, but it will keep the interest in novelty and experiments.

Leo 2010: Home & Family horoscope

Domestic problems, properties and the clan will be among the first priorities of the year 2010. Sometimes, force actions and strong hold will be needed, like in the first part of the year, other times a warmer, more esthetic or diplomat approach will be preferable, just like in the case of December 2010.

September and October 2010 will distinguish themselves by their dynamism and emotional involvement.

Leo 2010: Money & Career horoscope

In the first part of 2010, Mars will stimulate your initiative, will and efficiency.

In January and February 2010 you won't handle your actions very well, though.

Instead, you'll act artfully between March 10th and June 7th 2010, the best interval for new beginnings and actions that demand energy and fighting ability.

It wouldn't be surprising for your interest in business or finances to rise in February-May and September-December 2010. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will urge you to invest, will bring you unexpected earnings or put you in connection with banks, tax collectors, insurance companies or other financial institutions. Beware, though: sudden losses are not excluded!

In the summer of 2010, the professional stress will be high, the months July and August 2010 being critical especially for transactions, communication, trips, documents, exams and intellectual preoccupations.

Leo 2010: Health horoscope

Located in the house of health in 2010, Pluto can attack subversively at any time, but especially when it's bothered by dissonant aspects, like in January, February, July, August and December.

Besides, there'll be a predisposition to injuries by imprudence and transport accidents. Beware!

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