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Sagittarius 2010 Horoscope

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Sagittarius 2010: Love & Relationships horoscope

March and the former half of April 2010 will be under the sign of a merry and lively sentimental life. You'll socialize a lot, you'll meet favorable opportunities to have love affairs.

The latter half of April 2010 and the first ten days of May 2010 will still aim at love and couples, but they will bring dilemmas, will predispose to misunderstandings, frustrations or blockings.

You'll make up for it tenfold, when the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your house of love places you in exciting and unusual sentimental circumstances.

In August 2010, you'll undergo a crisis that can degenerate dramatically. November 2010 will also be risky, giving birth to emotions and passions difficult to control.

Sagittarius 2010: Home & Family horoscope

2010 will be a year in which home, family and properties-related issues will evolve dynamically and, in certain areas, spectacularly and completely unexpectedly.

Be alert, because there'll be opportunities that will favor positive changes!

In June-August 2010, unusual events and sudden chances will be related to children or to the parental status.

Sagittarius 2010: Money & Career horoscope

In the spirit of the last quarter of the preceding year, Mars will insist in the first five months of 2010 on studies, research, enlarging knowledge. You'll overflow with intellectual energy that is ready to be used for lofty purposes (starting a new university course, a master's, a PhD, publishing a book etc.).

Long-distance collaborations, business or educational trips, contact with other cultures and civilizations will fascinate you, will keep you interested.

Special opportunities might also arise for you in the area of real estate business and of creative-artistic expressions. In brief, 2010 will be exciting, new and full of surprises.

From the financial point of view, things will be good, but in the summer of 2010 don't take risks, because you might lose!

Sagittarius 2010: Health horoscope

As for the general physical tonus, it'll be good in 2010, you'll even have some extra energy.

However, you might face stress and over stimulation, and subsequently, weird and worrisome, yet temporary troubles could appear.

Caution in the last quarter, especially in September 2010! Magnesium and Calcium supplements could be very helpful.

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