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Taurus 2010 Horoscope

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Taurus 2010: Love & Relationships horoscope

Until 7th June 2010, the retrogradation cycle of Mars (the ruler of your house of couples) will talk about unusual situations, attempts and responsibility, roots and stability, about the fitting of the relationship into the now larger family and joint efforts regarding accommodation or properties, about pride, privacy, past traumas or reunions.

In June and July 2010 you'll be able to escape, to follow your senses, to feel the taste of adventure.

On September 8th 2010, Venus will step into your house of couples, where it will unfold a good part of its retrogradation cycle, until the 7th January 2011. Mars will join it soon, providing you with a September-October 2010 full of burning passions, but not risk-free.

November 2010 will be a transition month, and December 2010 will bring conclusions and clarifications.

Taurus 2010: Home & Family horoscope

In the first half of 2010, home and family will be the field where some energetic, if not stressful initiatives or actions will unfold.

With Mars in your fourth house, domestic harmony will become a luxury. Turbulences can be generated by investments, constructions or repairs, but family tension or parental troubles are not excluded, either.

Taurus 2010: Money & Career horoscope

The year 2010 will come with a lot of work, difficult tasks and colder work relationships. The high demands of Saturn will challenge your professionalism, discipline and tenacity.

If you take it methodically and with no expectations for immediate reward, the subsequent satisfactions will live up to your efforts. But, for now, the universe of the office will become too narrow for you.

Fortunately, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will offer you the opportunity (and the courage!) to broaden your entourage, to explore new ways of cooperation and joint activities, to make bold plans along with other people; it will also help you find supporters and advocates.

Financially, some surprises are possible, consisting in unexpected earnings or losses.

Taurus 2010: Health horoscope

In 2010, health and life hygiene will start being a long-term interest issue.

Listen to your body, watch your diet, follow an exercise schedule, have enough rest and take stimulants that stimulate immunity.

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