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Aquarius Zodiac

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Jan 21 - Feb 19

Welcome to the Aquarius Zodiac
'Different' and often rebellious is what the Water Bearer is! You think years ahead of your time. You are friendly, honest and open, yet will fiercely guard your independence even in a group. You are so full of contradictions and are so unpredictable! Here's a chance for others to know more about you!

Ruled by Uranus
A Masculine Positive Fixed Air Sign.
Polar or opposite sign: Leo
Colour: All the colours of the rainbow

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, lasting from January 20 - February 19. Aquarians are friendly, idealistic, independent and humanitarian. Usually pacifist, they often mount campaigns against injustice of any kind. Personal independence is important to those born under this sign and they make every effort to maintain it. They are friendly but rather distant, and frequently unpredictable. Though they are original thinkers, they can be rather eccentric.

Physical Appearance:
They have clean-cut good looks and a ready smile that shows off their excellent teeth to advantage. They can eat any amount of junk food and still remain slim. Aquarians like to wear unusual outfits like hippie gear or New Age kaftans.

Aquarians are not good at close relationships, despite their caring-and-sharing attitudes. They tend to be wary of emotion, often misconstruing it as mere sentiment that makes irritating demands on their affection. In emotional relationships, they like to retain a certain degree of independence.

Aquarians can turn their hands very successfully to most things, since they are very determined individuals. Most are hardworking, even driven in their chosen field. Many choose rather unusual or esoteric careers like Astrology. They see life as a series of golden opportunities to make the world a happier place, and if money comes their way, so much the better.

Aquarians' lungs are particularly sensitive to cigarette smoke and air pollution, so they should be careful to avoid these wherever possible.

Ideal Partner:
Anyone who is also an idealistic free spirit will be suitable for an Aquarian. A well-grounded Capricorn suits them best.

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