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Cancer Zodiac

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June 22 - July 23

Welcome to the Cancer Zodiac
The peacemaker. Caring, nurturing, and family oriented. Very protective of loved ones. Just some ways to describe the kind Cancerians! Your intuition and sensitivity are admirable. What you read here may well surprise you, just like how you often surprise others!

Ruled by the Moon
A Feminine Negative Cardinal Water Sign.
Polar or Opposite sign: Capricorn
Colour: Pale blue or Silver

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and lasts from 23rd June - 23rd July
Cancerians are the most family-centred of the Zodiac. Fiercely protective of their loved ones, they can be intuitively wise and zero in on a person's frame of mind. They are not wildly ambitious once they become established. Cancerians are tenacious and hang on to a belief or a cause at the risk of hurting themselves. Being very emotional, they can be moody, withdrawn and secretive.

Physical Appearance:
Cancerians are small-made, with round faces and possess a tendency to gain weight. They have abundant shiny hair, expressive eyes and are economical with their gestures.

Cancerians treasure emotional bonds and don't severe ties easily. They cling on to a failing relationship and find it difficult to let go. Usually they wear their hearts on their sleeve, and are prone to emotional excesses. When blinded by emotion, they never see reason. They long for an atmosphere of love and harmony to prevail at home.

Being naturally sympathetic, practical and nurturing, they are best suited for counselling and charity work. They are reliable and responsible and can easily run small businesses. They also tend to work well with people and often adopt the role of a mediator where diplomacy is required.

Exercise is generally anathema to them. They have a weak digestive system and constantly suffer from heartburn and ulcers. They tend to become hypochondriacs. With a tendency to be fascinated by holistic or alternative therapies, they can spend a fortune working their way through them.

Ideal Partner:
They seek steady, stable and practical partners, and usually bond best with Capricorn.

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