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Capricorn Zodiac

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Dec 22 - Jan 20

Welcome to the Capricorn Zodiac
Methodical, cautious, prudent, practical-that's what Capricorns are. You are reliable, and work hard to achieve the high standards you set for yourself. You stay highly loyal to the few friends you make and indeed have a good head for business. Read on for further details!

Ruled by Saturn.
A Feminine Negative Cardinal Earth Sign
Polar or Opposite sign: Cancer
Colour: Dark brown, black and grey

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, lasting from December 23 - January 19. Capricorns are disciplined, methodical, sensible and sensitive. They have an orderly mind that can be cool and calculating. They tend to be perfectionists, but have the strength of character to bear considerable hardships and setbacks in life. They can be temperamental and moody.

Physical Appearance:
They tend to be tall and have sharp, angular features. They generally have serene expressions and an air of tranquillity. They take great care with their appearance but hate any form of flamboyance or extravagance.

Capricorns can be surprisingly passionate behind closed doors. However, they take a while to warm up and are very cautious about relating to others. They need to be encouraged to lighten up. They are very unhappy with emotional scenes and upheaval, get hurt easily, but thaw just as quickly if they find that their partner is genuinely repentant.

Capricorns are usually determined and ambitious, with a strong sense of discipline and a good head for business. They make superb administrators, and often rise to very high positions of respect and authority in their careers. They see duty and law enforcement as of paramount importance, and can unfortunately become overbearing.

Traditionally, Capricorn problem areas are their joints, bones and teeth. They need to ingest extra calcium, cod-liver oil and evening primrose oil supplements to help their flexibility.

Ideal Partner:
Capricorns need a strong, loving partner and bond best with Taureans.

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