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May 22 - June 21

Welcome to the Gemini Zodiac
Extremely versatile, you remain the life-and-soul of any gathering. There is rarely a dull moment with you around-why would there be, with your personality that completely changes direction in a flash? Your communication skills are your strength. You are enthusiastic towards new experiences. Enter this magical room.

Ruled by Mercury
A Masculine Positive Mutable Air Sign
Polar or opposite sign: Sagittarius
Colour: Yellow or Gold
Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and lasts from May 22 - June 23.

Quick-witted, versatile and adaptable, they are the life and soul of any party. Because they easily get bored and restless, they require constant intellectual and social stimulation.

As a rule, they are talented people with a keen sense of humour and a charm of their own. They display enthusiasm in short bursts but tend to lose focus easily.

Physical Appearance:
They like maintaining an impeccable appearance and are generally tall and slim. They have small, narrow hands and feet and quick, sometimes theatrical gestures. They are highly energetic and exude oodles of charisma.

Geminis are emotionally undemonstrative but enjoy being in a lively family, and seek a partner with strong opinions. They are keen to make relationships work, but tend to be too egocentric and outgoing to ever really know what makes their partners tick. Often, Geminis content themselves with playing the field for many years before settling down.

The ultimate charmers and communicators of the Zodiac, they are particularly suited to media work. They are good at creating an impressive image that allows them to be even more persuasive in sales pitches. They find it hard to stick to one job as they are always on the lookout for something new. Typically, they live for the moment.

Geminis need to guard against `burn-out' and discipline themselves to get enough sleep and eat regular meals. They are particularly sensitive to the ill effects of smoking since they have delicate lungs. A healthy exercise programme will help them balance their energies and will promote greater powers of concentration.

Ideal Partner:
Geminis need someone who can deal with their unpredictable temperament and cope with their constantly changing plans. They vibe best with Aquarians.
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