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Leo Zodiac

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July 24 - Aug 23

Welcome to the Leo Zodiac
When the Lion roars, everybody listens! The Lion stands for strength and courage. You are natural born leaders, yet are ever warm, faithful and open. Your ambition and pride can be your strength and you always aim for the absolute heights. Friends are grateful for your loyalty. All you optimists, this room tells you all you want to know and more!

Ruled by the sun.
A Masculine Positive Fixed Fire Sign.
Polar or opposite sign: Aquarius
Colour: Gold-yellow - orange, sometimes red

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac, and lasts from July 24 - August 23

This is the sign of strength, pride, confidence and courage. Leos possess regal dignity. They have good mental and emotional strength, ambition, a strong will and a great deal of persistence. They love flattery and attention and revel in compliments. Conversely, when their integrity is challenged, they can fly into towering rages. It is easy for Leos to become overbearing.

Physical Appearance:
Leos have a distinguished stature and attract attention easily. They normally possess healthy skin and a well-sculpted body. Slow and deliberate in their speech and movement, their bearing is regal and dignified.

They are fairly easy to live with and make wonderful social companions. They tend to have a large circle of close friends whom they value for life, and they make passionate and faithful lovers who expect loyalty in return. They are very sensitive and get hurt easily. If betrayed by a loved one, they can be very vindictive.

Leos are happiest and most effective in any career where they can give orders or be the centre of attention. They are clever artistically and creatively: many succeed in the entertainment world, and flourish under the glare of the spotlight. They find routine jobs tedious and usually opt for a more satisfying job. They expect constant praise and positive feedback.

Many Leos suffer from back and spinal problems, made worse by their tendency to be overweight, and their lack of exercise. They get easily stressed and can suffer from heart ailments. However, they also like visiting expensive health farms.

Ideal Partner:
Leos expect consistent support and constant pampering. Hence, they gel best with Aquarians.

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