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Sept 24 - Oct 23

Welcome to the Libra Zodiac
The Balance symbolises perfectly what you are-diplomatic and impartial. You are charming with your calmness and consideration. You love beauty and harmony, and hate to be rude. Your powers of perception are remarkable! Now don't hesitate to explore your room!

Ruled by Venus
A Masculine Positive Cardinal Air Sign
Polar or Opposite sign: Aries
Colour: Royal Blue and Rose Pink
Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, from September 24 to October 23. Librans are natural arbitrators and diplomats; they constantly seek balance and harmony. They are sociable, cheerful and charming people. Indecision is a problem for Librans, who find it difficult to make up their minds and strongly dislike taking sides. Although they hate anyone being rude, they can be disconcertingly brash and blunt.

Physical Appearance:
Librans are personable, smart and attractive in appearance. They have sweet open faces with laughing eyes, and a devastating smile. They tend to be plump rather than angular or skinny. They have an innate sense of style, adding a personal touch to their clothes, which makes them stand out.

Librans are sentimental and affectionate. The overriding purpose of an unattached Libran is to find his or her soulmate. They make romance their business and really know how to flatter their loved ones. Unfortunately they're not very good at handling relationships. They are liable to extreme mood swings and can be very difficult to live with.

They like light-hearted offices with a relaxed atmosphere, and appreciate being left to themselves in order to work at their own pace. Librans are attracted to careers in the luxury trades, including fashion, beauty and design. They also make good diplomats and counsellors. Many Librans are not ambitious but simply proud to be associated with successful organisations.

With their roller-coaster emotions, Librans tend to suffer from nervous stomachs and ulcers. They can over-indulge in food and wine and may suffer kidney and bladder problems. Librans need to drink plenty of water in order to flush out the toxins from their kidneys. They should concentrate on holistic therapies and spiritual exercises for their well-being.

Ideal Partner:
Librans get along with most star signs. However, it's peace-loving, gentle Taureans that captivate their attention for life.

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