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Feb 20 - March 20

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This is you:

You have a crazy sense of fun, as well sympathy and crabbiness. You are sometimes full of frankness and generosity, fun- loving and outgoing, and yet you have a strong sense of duty.

Your sign has a unique quality, which is your strange power to stand outside yourself and see yesterday, today and tomorrow as one. Your deep wisdom and compassion belong only to you, culled from the combined knowledge of every human experience.

You tend to think you can live forever, and you often act as though you believed in it fervently.

You are extremely sensitive, and have a great sense of pity for the underprivileged. There's a desire to help the sick and weak.

You as a man:

You can be everything your woman wants you to be-or everything she does not want you to be. You are not weak. It's just that you may linger too long on a fading dream and miss the bright sunlight of success.

It is difficult for you to let go of your dream, so you try to work out a nice compromise. Your fancy dream fits nicely into your daily routine. You will never be short of romance. Everything said and done, you expect technical loyalty. You are extremely sympathetic to friends, but there are times when your loneliness may kill you. These spells of depression cause the gloom to gather.

You as a woman:

You have implicit faith that any man is invincible. You come out of the illusion soon enough, and what you actually see surprises you.

You adapt beautifully and quietly to conflicting situations. The hardest lesson you have to learn is letting go of your timidity. You will give all of her heart to your children, you will love them all. You will sacrifice anything so your children can have what you were denied as a child.

You may be too permissive. Administering discipline is difficult for you. You may be a wee bit extravagant, but you know how to keep a tight leash on your finances.

You as a child:

You have a childish, dreamy, magical quality of make-believe hanging over you like a mist. You prefer living in the snug world of fancy.

You loathe routine, and do everything in your power to avoid them. You gradually win your folks over by evasive, elusive tactics. You need a healthy amount of attention and appreciation. You are uncertain about your abilities, and need to be prodded on.

A set educational pattern does not become you. Your teachers try hard to pin you down to a routine.

You have a distinct artistic streak. You follow your own rules. There may be a lack of responsibility, which can be frustrating. You are sensitive, and easily stabbed to the quick by harshness.

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