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Feb 20 - March 20

Leisure Talk


A hopeless romantic, you will swim in tears brought on by a romance story or a sob-inducing drama. With a penchant for escaping reality, you're a book buff who wants to get really involved in a story. Barbara Cartland is probably what you would read by the dozen.


You have a fair sense of justice, so everyone around you will get a bite of the chocolate bar. But you do forget yourself!


Your choice of movies probably leaves you in tears. You'll let your imagination roam and the tears flow while watching films like Notting Hill or You've got Mail. And yes, a foreign language film is no deterrent.


Your choice of music should take you into the realm of fantasy. Try film soundtracks, which will remind you of the film, and send you drifting. Some of your choices will translate into the bizarre, which means Gregorian chants will sometimes keep you company.


Dreamy and romantic, you will please your palate with an assortment of cuisines. If you can't actually go to China, at least your mind can travel there, given the proper, fantastical dining experience.


The "Fish to water" phrase was probably coined with you in mind. You excel at sports like swimming, water skiing an water polo.


You wish the Wizard of Oz came true. The realm of fantasy intrigues you, so your choice.


You may start to wonder if your Pisces pet is really here with you. Life is a blissful dream to the Piscean pet, so don't expect them to snap out of a reverie soon!

You will find that at times, you should just let the animal be. What you will get from your pet is a caring and sympathetic friend who will sense when you're upset and do what they can to make you feel better. Trust the Pisces pup to drive sorrow away.

Heard the old rhyme about the lamb? Well, he should have been a Piscean! These animals are likely to be your shadow and follow you around. While generally not requiring much, your Pisces pet won't want to be left alone all the time. There's great comfort for this animal in knowing you're near.

Night-time is a fun time for the Pisces pet as they'll be dreaming up a storm! Rest assured that they're having a ball.


Pisceans are interested in the realm of illusion, fantasy, drama, art, and emotion. The Piscean loves reading reams of poetry, so why not buy him an anthology of poems? You could also buy them a set of oils, as the Fish has a fetish for art. The Piscean believes exercise is therapeutic, so a gym membership would be appreciated. They especially enjoy sports that appeal to their water element, such as swimming, so gifts such as a new swimsuit or a cruise would work wonders. Don't forget that Pisces rules the feet -- treat your Pisces to slippers, shoes, socks or even a pedicure or foot massage.

Great gifts:

Aftershave, cologne, tickets to the latest blockbuster, shoes, comfortable socks, oil paints, a musical instrument, a massage, Shakespeare's complete works, an art film or video, a book on dream interpretation, music.

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