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Feb 20 - March 20

Money Talk

Money and you

Complex and idealistic, you are the dreamer of the zodiac, forever searching for that something special, over the next rainbow. Even if you seem to have it all, you will never end your quest. Exploring your spirit, both mentally and physically, is a favourite pastime with you. Although you may appear careless, you are actually quite good with money. It's not important to you, though -- your dreams are. Many dreams, sadly, require money if they are to become a reality, so you are often compelled to achieve financial success for the greater good. You rarely worry about money, perhaps because you either inherit wealth or marry into it! It's safe to say you enjoy having money around, because it helps to fund your causes. You simply cannot say no when someone asks you for money, yet you never keep track of where the money went! Some things are forever hazy with you...

Stretch the buck

You can be two of a kind. You are the explorer of the zodiac, never content in your quest for the unknown. You may seem wishy-washy, but you are actually quite good with money.

You are not in hot pursuit of finances, but realise that they are an integral part of your dreams. So you will carry on and create that little nest egg. You never really have serious money worries, since you either inherit wealth or marry into it. You will need a lot of those bucks to fund your causes. If you are not born with the proverbial silver spoon, you will soon think of ways of making money.

You are likely to have sudden bouts of generosity. You have to be careful, as this can lead to empty coffers. Conversely, you will have nightmares about too much or too little money, which can give you ulcers.

You enjoy the security of a home, since it protects you from the outside world. You are also adept at the art of stretching money, and can pass off second-hand supplies as designer wear. You float in the placid waters of tranquility, while your bank balance meets a gory end.

You simply cannot say no when someone asks you for money, yet you'll never keep track of where the money went!

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