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Pisces Zodiac

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Feb 20 - March 20

Welcome to the Pisces Zodiac
All you dreamers, welcome to your Zodiac room! Pisceans enjoy solitude and would love to escape into the mysterious worlds of your imagination. No surprise that you hate to be tied down to the obvious. Gentle, patient, idealists, you are more concerned about others. Enter to learn more about yourself!

Ruled by Neptune
A Feminine Negative Mutable Water Sign
Polar or opposite sign: Virgo
Colour: Sea green and mauve.

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, lasting from February 20 - March 20. They are emotional, dreamy people with strong creative instincts, and tend to view life through rose-tinted spectacles. They are kind and sensitive souls who lack self-confidence. They dislike criticism, arguments or discord, which could make them moody and depressed.

Physical Appearance:
Pisceans tend to be of small or medium height and slightly built, although they can pack on the pounds later in life, if they are not careful. They have strong features, with tiny eyes and a generous mouth. Pisceans are often very chic and take an interest in stylish clothes.

Pisceans can be loving and affectionate partners for life, although they can be quite flighty and get bored easily. They need to belong to someone with a strong character, who can act as a source of inspiration and guidance. They are romantic and tender hearted, and fall for sob stories.

Pisceans are almost always in touch with their unconscious minds, and once they learn to deal with this effectively, they can become very successful artists. They also make superb nurses, counsellors and therapists. However, they are dreamy people and feel threatened by too much structure. They are content to take a back seat and get on with their jobs.

Pisceans are prone to all kinds of allergies and crippling headaches. These dreamy souls should seek protection - either through meditation or prayer, and Yoga is the perfect exercise for them.

Ideal Partner:
Pisceans tend to bond romantically well with Aquarians.

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