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Sagittariuss Zodiac

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Nov 23 - Dec 21

Welcome to the Sagittarius Zodiac
You are the good-humoured optimists. You always like to be on the move and travelling to seek the new is what you enjoy. You rely on your instincts and make good organizers. Enter this room and you are sure to understand yourself better!

Ruled by Jupiter
A Masculine Positive Mutable Fire Sign
Polar or opposite sign: Gemini
Colour: Dark blue and purple

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac, and stretches from November 23 to December 23. Typically, Sagittarians are optimistic, kind, dependable, and love freedom. They are intelligent, sharp and incisive, are also gregarious, and have a large circle of friends. However, they don't care for discipline or confined spaces and have a tendency to procrastinate.

Physical Appearance:
They have quick, determined mannerisms and darting, piercing eyes that are always likely to flash with laughter. While not particularly fashion-conscious, Sagittarians can look trendy.

People born under this sign are highly sexed and have no time for prudery and conventional attitudes. As free spirits, Sagittarians need understanding partners who can cope with abrupt changes of plan. In personal relationships, jealousy or possessiveness in a partner will quickly shrivel a Sagittarian's affections. Those born under this sign are tactless and can hurt with their brutal remarks.

Sagittarians go for anything that gives free reign to their adventurous spirit. While rarely very ambitious, they like to see the fruits of their labour, and enjoy being appreciated. Dull claustrophobic offices make them feel uncomfortable. They work best with a tactful, organised business partner.

They often fail to look before where they leap, and as a result suffer quite a few bruises, pulled muscles and broken bones. They find Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation very beneficial.

Ideal Partner:
They need to spend their lives with organised and tolerant people, so they vibe best with Aquarians or Librans.

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