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Scorpio Zodiac

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Oct 24 - Nov 23

Welcome to the Scorpio Zodiac
A Scorpio is intense and powerful and at the same time, exciting and passionate. It is a Scorpio's magnetism and enigmatic personality that endears them to others. Watch out for the Scorpion's sting, for these volatile people don't hesitate to say exactly what's on their mind!

Ruled by Pluto
A Feminine Negative Fixed Water Sign
Polar or opposite sign: Taurus
Colour: Black and red

Scorpio is the eight sign of the Zodiac, stretching from October 24 to November 22. Most Scorpios have an intense emotional nature. No other sign of the Zodiac has more profound and enduring feelings than Scorpio. They are energetic, passionate and exciting. This is a sign of extremes, of black and white, dark and light; and this is often reflected in the ups and downs of their lives. Scorpions can be vindictive and possess a strong streak of venom. They make dangerous enemies.

Physical Appearance:
Scorpios are always striking, whether or not they are stunningly beautiful. They have a magnetic, forceful quality and dress elegantly. There is a strange mysticism and magnetism in the Scorpio personality, which is enchanting to the beholder.

Intense, sexual and demanding, they tend to use sex as a form of control. They see seduction as a form of possession and won't take no for an answer. They have a marked tendency to be both jealous and possessive. Though they make loyal friends, they can be vengeful when betrayed by a loved one.

Scorpios are traditionally associated with jobs that require delving and uncovering secrets, such as mining and detective work. They are conscientious and hardworking. They see money as an outward and visible sign of their dominance in a chosen field. They make demanding bosses but can also be surprisingly sympathetic towards their subordinates.

They suffer from chronic constipation, liver and kidney problems, and can quite often be diabetics. A shocking health scare could be a turning point, and may convert them into fitness freaks.

Ideal Partner:
Scorpios vibe best with Taureans. This sign gives them the material and emotional security they crave.

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